The Saved – Sharif Gemie

They walk closer. I need to make up my mind. Are they dangerous? Should I wait? See who else comes along this track? Go back and turn my walk into an adventure story? No, no… Now, I want to leave the lie of the Saved. I’ll trust these walkers.

I get up and step towards the track. 

‘Who are you?’ says the woman in trousers. 

I need to say something. I haven’t prepared a speech. They look at my peejays, my hair, my face. Their eyes go up and down. 

‘Please,’ I say. ‘I need you to help me.’

I step closer. The woman in the skirt looks me right in the eyes. She has a kind face.

‘Are you lost?’ she asks. 

After a second, I say, ‘Yes.’ 

Without thinking, I step up to her. She opens her arms, I rush to her and we hug. I feel the warmth of her body, I smell her clothes. I’ve been saved.

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