Hubert – Melinda Dus

Deanna was just starting to know Travis. The Airstream held a part of him she never encountered before. Attributes she liked and admired. Secret parts he had kept private. Travis had carved out a life for himself. He was more than his vices. She wished she could have told him. Perhaps he would be with her if she had.

A truck parked beside her Cadillac SUV. Deanna read the animal control logo on the vehicle. She shot a guilty look over at Hubert who waited in her car. His rear planted in the cream colored cushy leather seat. Deanna dashed into her ride, starting the engine up.

The uniformed man approached her car, pointing at Hubert. “Ma’am, ma’am, livestock can’t roam,” he said, “gotta take it.”

Deanna peeled out, leaving the official shouting behind her.

“Feral pigs ’re dangerous. I’m calling it in,” the man hollered.

Her eyes swept over to Hubert. Feral her ass. Her brother left her this pig. His pig. Her pig. With that, Deanna’s hotel plans changed.

Deanna had misunderstood her brother. She had overlooked and dismissed him as a nuisance. Like Lanelle. His world clicked into place. What Travis had done and why. An accident on purpose. The life that had overwhelmed her sibling.

Travis had trusted her with his final to-do list. Deanna aimed to make good. She wouldn’t let her brother down again.

“Car wash, it is,” she told her companion.




The Squeaky Clean car wash pledged a touchless cleaning. Deanna entered the tunnel. Her SUV in neutral locked into the automated track. Dribbles of soap and sprays of water incited Hubert to snort with pleasure. He wagged his head from side to side. Each splatter delighted him. Deanna’s sighs turned to giggles.

The Cadillac emerged. Hubert bobbed his head and circled in his seat at the towel guy who approached. Deanna waved off the hand-dry finish. Next up, her brother’s little league field.




Her self consciousness grew with each forward step. Her eyes darted about. The pitcher’s mound gave her no cover, in the middle of an open field, more dusty than green. This was where it had all started for Travis. His little league field.

Kibble dropped like bread crumbs. She lured Hubert to the center hill. He pawed the dirt. Deanna couldn’t fathom how to encourage the animal’s defecation. She fed Hubert all that remained from their trip to the hardware store and waited.

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