Edition #7 – November 2022

The Quiet Reader is an international online literary magazine, born in a town called Solitaire, in the state of Quarantine in the country of 2020. 

Here is the line-up of our seventh edition, with prose and poetry written by Regina Clarke, Russel Doherty, Sharif Gemie, Bronwyn Hughes, PJ Nutting, Rosalia Scalia and Gabrielle Yetter.

The staff readers for this edition were Sharif Gemie, YJ Jun, Daniel Lawrence, Tim Lundergan, Katie McIvor, Brent Peters, Michele Van Rensburg and Yen Radecki. Editing powers came from Gabrielle Yetter and Ramon Stoppelenburg.




Perspective – Gabrielle Yetter

Sail Forth – Bronwyn Hughes

Pie in the Sky – Rosalia Scalia

Lucky Money – PJ Nutting

Incandescent – Regina Clarke

Dead on Time – Sharif Gemie

Beautiful Things – Russ Doherty

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