Edition #5 – December 2021

The Quiet Reader is an international online literary magazine, born in a town called Solitaire, in the state of Quarantine in the country of 2020.

Here is the line-up of our fifth edition, with stories written by Jekwu Anyaegbuna, Melinda Dus, Alicia Crumpler, YJ Jun, Liz Kitchen, Dan Lawrence, Camilla Lee and Leon Taylor.

The staff readers for this edition were Emmie Christie, Tim Lundergan, Katie McIvor, Brent Peters, Michele Van Rensburg and Yen Radecki. Editing powers came from Skip Yetter, Gabrielle Yetter and Ramon Stoppelenburg.




Hubert – Melinda Dus

She Had Willed It – YJ Jun

The Bridge – Dan Lawrence

Shady Hollow Garden Club – Camilla Lee

Robot Lust – Leon Taylor

Anxiety Speaks Softly and Carries a Big Stick
– Liz Kitchens

No Time for Stories – Alicia Crumpler

God’s Testicles – Jekwu Anyaegbuna

  1. Alice Allen says:

    Camilla, you make the residents come alive, truly. So delightful and warm. This is wonderful…keep writing.

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