Edition #3 – May 2021

The Quiet Reader is an international literary magazine, born in a town called Solitaire, in the state of Quarantine in the country of 2020.

Here is the line-up of our third edition, with stories written by Mark Budman, Alex S. French, Tamás Inczédy, Andrew Rucker Jones, Toshiya Kamei, Russell Richardson, Reed Rvenrick, C.M. Saunders and Matthew Wilson.

The staff readers for this edition were Tim Lundergan, Michele Van Rensburg, Yen Radecki and Aarushi Shetty. Editing powers came from Skip Yetter, Gabrielle Yetter and Ramon Stoppelenburg.

I Knew Him Well by Alex S. French

Personality Emporium by Andrew Rucker Jones

Ways of the Widow by Matthew Wilson

Full Stop by Tamás Inczédy

I Am Francis by Reed Rvenrick

History Lessons by Toshiya Kamei

Pete’s Sign by Russell Richardson

Death of the Classical Handshake by Mark Budman

If You Have Ever Eaten Toad by C.M. Saunders


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